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Effortlessly transform your idea into a ready-to-print 3D model.

All you need to start production is a 3D printable model. No model? No problem. Work with our team of designers to seamlessly turn your next big idea into a production-ready 3D file.

How it works


As little as an idea,
as much as a spec

We can get started with as little as a napkin sketch or as much as an engineering drawing. Existing 2D or 3D assets are often the perfect starting point for a great design.

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3D Model

Hard-edged or organic

We're capable of using the right tool for the right job - whether you're making a functional component, an innovative giveaway, or an aesthetic model.

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3D Printed Product

Limited edition or mass production

Once your design is finalized we can immediately begin production. Start with 1, 10, 100, or 10,000 units, it’s entirely up to you.

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Experts in Design
for 3D Printing

Our models are created specifically with digital manufacturing (3D printing) in mind. This guarantees that you’ll not only receive a high quality design, but one that takes advantage of all the benefits offered by 3D printing.
Our team uses the latest 3D modeling software and techniques to create designs that are primed for production. Our designers are professionally trained in industry standard tools including Solidworks, ZBrush, Maya, and Magics.
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Complex Geometries
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Mass Customization
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Iterate Quickly
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Creative Development
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Beginners Welcome


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