At Voodoo Manufacturing, our value is in our results. Lucky for us, we have amazing customers who've achieved extraordinary results. Here are just a few examples.


Build Your Own Robot

For the NY Maker Faire, Autodesk-owned Instructables needed to create an immersive event experience that could compete for attention at a tech-centric conference. In true Instructables style, they decided to make over 1000 build-it-yourself robots, modeled after their very own robot mascot. The giveaway was a huge success, and helped make the Instructables booth a must-see destination for the 100,000+ event-goers that weekend.
"Having these giveaways at the Maker Faire brought our brand to life for the attendees. I have never seen so much meaningful interaction as we did when we used 3D printing to help us reach our audience."
- Jesse Harrington Au, Program Manager at Autodesk

High-Fashion Becomes High-Tech

When Chromat and Intel came to us with a 36-hour deadline, we put enough printers on the job to get 92 unique flexible pieces ready in time for the runway. Once sewn together, the Adrenaline Dress was born - a smart dress that reacts to your anxiety levels by expanding or contracting an attached lattice structure, mimicking animal defense mechanisms.

A Velociraptor for Everyone

We helped Universal produce 100 limited edition statues of Blue, the star velociraptor from the recent blockbuster Jurassic World. The statues were gifted to the top 100 members of Universal’s #Raptorpass fan club to celebrate the film’s DVD release. Nothing says “thank you” like a 3D printed velociraptor!

The Ultimate Award for the Ultimate Competition

What is the most incredible way you can squeeze out all of the yogurt in a Go-Gurt tube? That’s exactly what Go-Gurt asked their beloved customers to find out, and as a reward for the most creative and extreme methods, the winners received the envied Golden Go-Gurt trophy - the ultimate prize.

Making Science Fiction Tangible

For their new show, “The Expanse”, we helped Syfy design a set of 3D printable models which they would go on to release to the public. To do so with a bang, we also printed an entire set of all the models for Syfy’s 2016 CES booth display. The amazingly crafted models pulled in both die-hard fans and Syfy newbies, all of whom left with pocket-sized ship models to remind them of the show long after the event ended.
"Voodoo enabled us to create a unique brand experience with minimal effort. Not only did they meet our tight deadlines, but they also provided invaluable design experience when helping to create our 3D printable models. We look forward to collaborating more with Voodoo in the future"
- Matt Romano, Director of Emerging Platforms & Syfy Labs at NBCUniversal

Custom Swag, without the Hassle

At a Viacom family event, both children and adults got a taste of technology with these 3D printed MTV and Nickelodeon keychains. For a small event with only a few hundred in attendance, Voodoo Manufacturing was the best option for getting this brand-specific swag finished on-time and under-budget.

Scaling Up Production Like a Startup

Every BotFactory machine has seven 3D printed components, allowing them to improve and iterate often.
"3D Printing has been invaluable for us when it comes to prototyping an idea, brainstorming designs, and testing the ergonomics of the Squink, our 3D printer for circuits. However, it was almost impossible to scale up manufacturing using the same technology - until we were introduced to Voodoo Manufacturing. Using their services, we have been able to keep the same fabrication process moving into production, enabling us to adapt our design very quickly and at low cost."
- Nicolas Vansnick, CEO & Founder, BotFactory

On-Demand Customer Products

The hardware startup Sensel makes multi-touch pressure sensitive trackpads that can be used with a variety of pre-designed and custom overlays, providing a unique interface perfectly suited for the intended use case. Voodoo Manufacturing makes these trackpads on-demand using our Print API and TPU material option, providing a high-quality flexible overlay that interfaces with the Sensel Morph Trackpad.