At Voodoo Manufacturing our value is in our results. Lucky for us we have amazing customers who've achieved extraordinary results. Here are just a few examples.
Examples thumbnail verizon
Verizon and R/GA’s #WhyNotWednesday campaign delighted customers with custom, limited-edition phone cases.
Examples thumbnail eir
EIR Healthcare 3D printed an interactive architectural model to communicate a modular design concept.
Examples thumbnail dixie
Droga5 and Dixie launched a one-of-a-kind campaign with our 3D printing API.
Examples thumbnail enable
LimbForge reached out for help to manufacture 150 prosthetic hands in just five days.
Examples thumbnail wildandwooly
Wild and Woolly meets the growing demand for high-end phone cases with lean manufacturing.
Examples thumbnail squatsandscience
Lean businesses like Squats & Science effortlessly scale by manufacturing components on-demand.
Examples thumbnail microsoft
Microsoft made a lasting impression at political conventions with 3,000 event-specific gyro coins.
Examples thumbnail athelas
Athelas democratizes blood diagnostics with an iterative methodology powered by experimentation, off-the-shelf integration, and outsourced 3D printing.
Examples thumbnail sharknado
Syfy worked with our 3D design team to unleash 300 Sharknados on unsuspecting press.
Examples thumbnail mannequin
Custom Mannequins are a fast, cost-effective method for turning any physical figure into a custom life-size mannequin or dress form.
Examples thumbnail rexspecs
The team at Rex Specs doubled its product development speed with our Direct Print service.
Examples thumbnail autodeskbottleopener
Autodesk University sent guests home with the perfect themed giveaway for their Connect & Construct Summit.
Examples thumbnail openbci
OpenBCI outsourced its manufacturing and scaled from a few early prototypes to a full 3D printing production pipeline.
Examples thumbnail tentalents
Ten Talents Trading Co. uses Voodoo's 3D Print API and fulfillment to deliver unique and custom game pieces to Settlers of Catan fans.
Examples thumbnail bayou
Bayou Rum’s branding grew larger than life with a 6-foot alligator shot ski.
Examples thumbnail autodeskrobot
Autodesk’s Instructables created an immersive event experience that won attention at NY Maker Faire.


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