Custom mannequins can offer an edge to professionals in seemingly any industry. Whether you’re a fashion designer seeking super accurate fit testing, or a brand looking to resonate with a niche audience, a hyper-custom mannequin is a competitive advantage.

Until now, creating a custom life-size form hasn’t been easy, or easy on the wallet. Large mannequin suppliers require minimum quantities of 50 or more, while boutique custom shops can cost upward of $10,000. As a result, most buyers end up settling for an off-the-shelf model that doesn’t fit their exact needs.

Voodoo’s 3D design team suspected that there was a better, more cost-effective way to create custom mannequins, and proved the concept using a 3D body scan of our very own co-founder and CPO, Jonathan Schwartz.

The result was a life-size, 3D printed mannequin made to match Schwartz’s measurements and likeness. Assembled from only 19 separate pieces, the mannequin features a modular design with detachable limbs that reduces overall cost, speeds up production, and makes wardrobe changes a breeze.

Visit our Custom Mannequin Microsite to learn more about Voodoo’s custom 3D printed mannequins, or contact our sales team to get started creating your own mannequin today.

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