Anything you want, in any quantity you want - we're always ready for your next prototype or production run. You never have to throw away an idea because it’s not cost effective at the volume you need or because you’ve been told it's "impossible".


Direct Print

Fast and reliable 3D printing. Upload a model to get started.

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High Quality, Low Cost

Our desktop 3D printers are tuned to achieve unprecedented quality that is bound to amaze. Thanks to our software-driven factory, we keep costs low and pass the savings directly to you.

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Instant Quote

Directly upload any 3D file and receive an instant quote. Place an order for up to 20 units of any file in a variety of colors.

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Rush Production

Direct Print is optimized for speed. We can manufacture your part in as little as 24 hours.

Volume 3D Printing

Go from idea to production without breaking a sweat. Work with our world class team of professionals who will guide you through production of up to 10,000 parts.

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Make unique 3D printed displays, gifts and promotional items for corporate events, tradeshows, marketing campaigns, weddings, parties, and more.

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Step up your fan engagement by converting popular 3D assets from your show into custom or limited edition collectibles.

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Push the boundaries of your work. Create beautiful conceptual models, accessories, or even ready-to-wear apparel.

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Whether you’re a Kickstarter-funded startup or a larger company, work with us to do large-scale prototyping & testing, ramp up part production, or create fully-functional end-use parts.

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Design, iterate, and scale. Create ready-for-use products, parts, and accessories, or work with us to manufacture custom parts on-demand.

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Show off your ideas with the help of beautiful scale models or functional prototypes. Prove you can build it by actually building it.

Capabilities & Features

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Fast Turnaround

Our 160 3D printers work hard to deliver your volume order in record time.

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Scale Effortlessly

Ramp up production to meet your requirements - go from 1 to 10,000 parts, easier than ever before.

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Dedicated Support

Work with our dedicated team of (human) project managers to complete your order, from start to finish.

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Choose from a variety of finishing processes such as sanding, spray painting, or chroming, to achieve the exact look you want.

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Automatic Fulfillment

Hook in with our Print API to automatically route orders from your website to our factory. Yes, we do offer drop shipping!

3D Design

Work with our team of seasoned 3D modelers and CAD professionals to turn your concept into a ready-to-print design.